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Chris S. Brown, DDS

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Dr. Chris Brown, DDS has been honing his skills as a dentist for 28 years. There has been a great metamorphosis in dental materials and techniques over that time. He is a constant student of the art in dentistry and has explored these changes over time. Experience has allowed him to see what materials and techniques work and what is hype. He still enjoys nuts and bolts dentistry but the surge in the use of implants to replace missing teeth is very rewarding in his current practice.

“Gentle dentistry is a standard of care not a marketing phrase for us. Wonderful new advances in the administration of anesthetics are used in our office that “wows” our patients.”

“My primary role as your dentist is to be a teacher and a bit of a philosopher. In most cases my goal is to give you options in your dental treatment. Not everyone desires the same level of dental care. When you choose to join our practice you have placed a great deal of trust in us. We place the utmost value in that trust and will treat you accordingly. You are my boss and as such I work for you.”   Dr. Chris S. Brown, DDS.